October: Time to explore

What comes to mind when you reflect on the last 30 days?

Sometimes you have to create a space for you to really connect with yourself and allow all your thoughts to slowly trickle through. Over the past 30 days, I’ve been processing my life and the previous chapters which have brought me so much joy and there has been a strong sense of gratitude.

I’ve been enjoying my adventure around Australia and New Zealand using relocation car, a simple way to get a free hire car and all you contribute is your driving skill and petrol. As a solo traveller, you have to cut costs, and this extends to where you will sleep. Over the past 30 days, I have spent a number of days parked up on a road somewhere with me curled in the boot trying to catch some zzz’s

What have you achieved?

The biggest achievement this month is my exploration of Australia and New Zealand, both countries have stunning scenery because it’s a big country there is a lot to explore.

There also has been a shift in terms of diet, I’ve been eating more healthy whether my current location that has an influence on this but you will often find me in the kitchen of a hostel cooking up a dish like Spinach, broccoli and salmon.

What have you struggled with?

With the constant movement from travelling, I haven’t created time or space to allow myself to learn new things or even apply them in real life.

What I’ve also discovered and it has taken me a while but from my previous posts I have been unforgiving to myself for making mistakes, it wasn’t until a guy I met in Australia who framed my situation as a lesson that had to be learnt not only for myself but for that person as well.

Everything is about perspective!

What are you working on right now?

I’ve built upon the foundations of my projects by otimising them for more page visits and ad revenue.

This has lead me to refine my websites, including implementing Google AMP and also putting my trust in Google and using their Auto-ads function.

How do you feel physically and mentally?

As previously mentioned my diet has stepped up, I am eating more fruit and vegetable. This has been a major shift for me, although the impact has been a loss of energy and strength but I do believe this is because of my body adjusting.

Interestingly I have been using the outdoors as my gym, whether that a run on the beach or finding a park to do bodyweight workouts.

What are your future goals?

Evaluate stock portfolio and make a number of trades aiming for 10% increase in 30 days
Complete social media for Eco Friendly Direct – hootsuite – and templates
Review Affiliates for sites
Attempting running twice a week
Send a postcard to family
Spend time once a week learning and researching about property either through rightmove or propertygeek
Continuation of babypips, to spend time every week completing a course
Duolingo on a daily basis
Update and share projects on a platform like LinkedIn
Migrate Tag Me In Podcast to different podcast host – to support Spotify
Implement changes to TMI
-Podcast Recording place
-Question of the day
-Interview question for guest – take away -recommend someone and best advice/book
-Whatsapp Integration
Plan BME Collective and prep for Social Enterprise

Anything else you feel is important.