Hello January 2018, a New Year, a New Month


What comes to mind when you reflect on the last 30 days?

I entered 2018 with a big change, I stepped away from my 9-5 to enjoy 12 months of freedom. As you can imagine this is a complete shift in the what has been a norm to me.

So how am I using this time?

Like any normal person, “relaxation‘ would be the first thought… Anton, you’ve broken away from the life and the schedule of a career, you can just wake up when you like and do whatever.

Born out of having this new freedom, my first realisation was …

I’m a creature of habit.

Habits, like brushing our teeth or tieing up your shoelaces, initially; was a challenge when we were 3 years, but over time they become second nature.
These habits are good habits are beneficial to life… without brushing your teeth you won’t be able to show everyone that beautiful smile.

So roll on the year what habit do I need in my life:

  • Waking up with energy
    I’m learning that being disciplined involves forming a bedtime hygiene and morning routine. Over the past 30 days, I’ve been consistently going to bed around 10, partially due to my silent alarm on my Fitbit which signals the time to start wrapping up.My phone goes into do not disturb at 21:30, and my mobile connection and wifi is turned off manually to avoid future distraction from social notification or WhatsApp conversation.

    Do not disturb

Once in bed, the aim is to calm down the brain, I spend my time recapping and reflecting on the day and planning what I need to achieve the next day.
Such discipline has allowed me to naturally at 07:00 armed and ready for the day.

  • S.A.V.E.R.S routine -ish – Anton Version
    Silence.Affirmation.Visualisation.Exercise.Reading.Scribing –  A routine from the morning miracle  It’s taken me years to learn that you can’t copy everything you read or see – ever seen a business insider article on habits of successful people and thought “yeah I can do that… I should do that”.The above is true when it came to S.A.V.E.R.S routine gives me a structure to build upon.My morning starts with:

    • Reading my Kindle for about 15-30 minutes (I’m currently reading “Oprah: A Biography” for about 15-30 minutes.
    • Stretch and reach for the sky and then make my bed… something I heard on TED.
    • Practice silence … well, kind of… I pick up my phone and rush to turn on do not disturb as notification. For some strange reason, mobile connection reinitialises itself.
      I then open up OAK  and put my headphones in.
      I don’t sit in silence, but head to the kitchen to make a smoothie.I focus on my breathing and checking in on the body, practising an act of mindfulness.
      I don’t focus too much on emptying the mind I just let myself be.
    • Around 15 minutes later, I’m back in my room and listening to blinkist, and taking notes on post-it notes – fueling the brain with knowledge.
    • As I draw close to end I look up and at my vision board and tell myself my mantra of “Holding the vision. Trust the process”

And that’s the morning Routine… Oh, what about exercise? – I try and go gym 3 times a week so once I’ve completed the above, Between waking up and the morning meditation I have about 30 minutes to do a filler task before heading to the gym usually around 9 am.

What have you achieved?

  • I’ve moved from living in a 2 bed flat in Bristol back home to a single room with my mum in London. Surprisingly the transition has been great… Aside from the packing,  unpacking, and the number of motorway driving up and down the M4.
  • I’ve improved my relationship with friends, perhaps because I’ve got more time, but I can plan and allocate time to speak to friends and reach out.
  • Passive Income is the way, mentioned a few times by various people like Tim Ferriss and Tony Robbins and others great mentors.So what does that mean, well I came across this formula which can help you understand how long you can live without an income:-
    • Money that is freely available to you / monthly expense = no of month you can survive without an income
    • Now if you can create a way of making money from passive to cover your monthly expenses then you one step closer to being free
      • So a rough calculation for myself was if I spend £1,200 a month on expenses, then I need to generate a passive income to cover that.- so the aim is to generate £80k and get a 15% return on that a year – achievable?
  • From buying and selling electronic via Amazon FBA I have made £2700 profit in the month of January so that is positive, being free from my job has allowed me to explore and push other ventures.
  • From trading stocks, I made a 12% return over the year, not quite the 15% I am aiming for but still relevantly good, so what does that mean? I need to improve right.
    • The month of January has been spent learning about FOREX trading – it literally leaves my head spinning, but resources like babypips.com and GOForex do help you along the way.
  • Filing taxes – All goods come to an end, not a saying I believe fully but it was true when it came to selling.
    When Amazon suspended my selling because I exceeded the sales number for an individual seller, it felt like a nail in the coffin or an unnecessary block in the road.
    It slowed me down but meant I had to learn how to register my business .. QUICK… in my panic, I turned to Just Answer website and paid £40 for this answer.
    Don’t get me wrong this is probably obvious to people but something about registering a business is not exactly clear, filing your self-assessment is scary as well – but watching a youtube video brought me back to a calm place and saying “Is That it”.

Sometimes the unknown scares us

What have you struggled with?

  • Emotions, I don’t believe in being the perfect individual or the finished product (I don’t think you ever will be). But I have had time to reflect on the wrongs, mistakes and the way I have acted towards others in the past.
    Sometimes it difficult to believe the way you acted in the past, the funny side is at that time you felt you were right and you had a reason for your behaviour.
    For a while, I had been having thoughts about a previous relationship, and realising a lot of wrongs, the thoughts usually came when I was driving up and down from Bristol to London. Becoming aware of the potential impact it could have on the people’s life did leave a taste of shame, I wanted to reach out and seek forgiveness.We as individuals need to forgive ourselves, you can’t go back in time and change things.We need to stand in front of the mirror and see the reflection, don’t hide from it or cover it up. Talk to that reflection and tell it you were wrong if you were, and how we can move on from this moment? What can we learn? What do we need to change? and then forgive yourself and accept that past version of you.Trust me that doesn’t always work, after an evening of drinking with a friend I woke up at 02:00  and struggled to fall back to sleep.
    AND what do we do in this moment of time THINK… staring at the ceiling was not my definition of fun so I decided to get pen and paper and write everything that came to mind – it was RAW thoughts no processing involved, once completed.The trick is to write everything down and not read it once complete, just simply put it aside.

What are you working on right now?

  • Delegation – letting go of some task I complete, like scraping websites for retail arbitrage opportunities, writing blog content for Best Revision Guide.
    I’ve been using Fiverr, and Freelancer to source out potential employees.
  • Working Smarter – little adjustments like planning and reviewing my to-do list, prioritising activities based on importance and ensuring my energy is spent in the right place.

What are your future goals?

To purchase a car to rent out via easy car club
To continue learning Forex using babypips
Review Current Site and understand Notesworthy traffic source
Make Notesworthy about banknote collectables
Promote BRG using content via Fiverr and have a brainstorming session with actionable goals completed
Find a Virtual assistance to help with daily retail arbitrage
To actively improve my health by eating better
Going Gym 3 times a week.
Build Beach Body, by researching tips and applying them
 Practice Meditation early in the morning
See at least 4 friends, by reaching out with dates to catch up
 Read Blinkist and other books to increase mind
 Improve Tag Me In Podcast listenership either via collaboration or startup technique
Drive BMW i8 to be a birthday present, to be a source of fun

How do you feel physically and mentally?

Mentally I am feeling good, I’ve overcome a number of challenges in the month of January but been blessed with the opportunities of having time and the ability to focus on them individually.

Physically I am battling with being back in the gym and getting the balance between rest, food, nutrition, so there are often times where I need to have a 10 to 15-minute nap.

Anything else you feel is important.

  • Only do thing that is a hell yeah” – Don’t settle for things that you kind of want to do
  • Remove the number 7 from your scale (1= being bad, 10= being great) – 7 is an in-between number that we usually go to be safe
  • A funeral can be a celebration of life, try and think about your own and explore and imagine what people will say about you.
  • If something will take less than 5 minutes, just do it!” – Sometimes it’s easier and more efficient to act on the stuff that will take 5 minutes to complete
  • Don’t idolise people, identify what characteristic you like about them – it enables you to focus on what characteristics or skill you need to learn yourself.
  • Learn to be more enthusiastic – people like enthusiastic people, you harness an energy and a likeability.
  • Learn how to make people feel a way, every conversation you have pay attention, listen well.
  • Seek for a partner that you can grow with, and avoid feeling weight down by – change is inevitable seek a relationship where you can grow in.