May: Am I a producer or a consumer?

What comes to mind when you reflect on the last 30 days?


Am I a producer or a consumer?

I remember waking up one morning with this question rattling around in my mind and it unravelled a lot.

This very question was able to put my life into perspective, it made me wonder – on an average day am I more of a consumer or a producer.

Everyday items/services are ideas was generated by an individual.

The Gram

Instagram is a platform that illustrates the producer/consumer dynamics.

By actively scrolling through the explore page I am a consumer, yet on the other side, there is a producer.
This producer is creating content and this is the ecosystem of social media, for this ecosystem to work it needs both consumers and producers.

A consumer engagement fuels the producer to produce more, and it’s our consumption that adds value to that producer.

Other than that what is the value of being a consumer?


What have you achieved?


Do experiences make memories?

Every month I plan to do a new experience in an attempt to create new memories, these memories create markers in time –“Oh yeah, May was when I did”

Looking back on the month I have been fortunate to experience so many new experiences but also share them with others:-



Remember when we?

Sharing these experiences with others can enhance these memories,  it’s proven that if you want to create good friendships share experiences with them; step away from the usual meet and do something different.


What have you struggled with?


Do you even fuel your mind though?

One book a month used to be my monthly challenge and now it’s starting to look like one book every 3 months.
Education is the gateway to success

There isn’t any real reason why I have been failing at this challenge, the harsh reality is I have dropped the ball on my own personal education.
Rolling back the months I used to spend the mornings listening to Blinkist, an app that summarises non-fiction books into 10 to 15 minutes audio clips.
These morning sessions allowed me to expand my general knowledge of areas that I did not actively have an interest in.

More streams of income?

The quest to generate new streams of income has resulted in some loss.

Each loss has felt like a setback and it does discourage me.

Yet if you don’t try how will you make a difference.


What are you working on right now?


Rebuilding the foundations

There are some key fundamental cornerstone habits which help with life, and when one of these habits are removed; things start to fall down.

Blocks of wellbeing

Forming these blocks takes time and often need to be shaped and moulded to fit.

A habit may work today but you could fall out of love with it, meaning you will have to reshape it and find a new one.

These blocks are:-

  • Diet
  • Fitness
  • Meditation
  • Planning
  • Sleep


How do you feel physically and mentally?

May I?

May has been a “maybe I could” type of months.

A month filled with no real burning desire to execute or take action, it is a strange place but in life, you have to roll with the punches.

Where do you spend your money?

I once listened to a millionaire speak about where people should invest their money.

Your shoes and your bed!

He said we spend most our time either walking around in our shoes and sleeping in our beds, he didn’t mention investing in X company but simply advise our wellbeing is worth more.

For months I’ve been sleeping on a not so comfortable mattress until I said enough was enough and purchased a new mattress and it was worth every penny.

Goodbye painful shoulders in the morning and hello blissful night sleeps


What are your future goals?


To make a profit on FX for the month
To make at least one active stock trade – IPO
To have a property offer accepted
To actively spend time in the evening stretching and working on core muscles
Morning meditation
Daily Gratitude Journal
Daily Visualisation/law of attraction
Spend 2/3 days with Friends
Start kick Boxing with brother
Connect with further family
Blinkist in the morning
Finish 4 hour work week
Learn from Adzvice
Record Realigned
BME Collective – Team formation – BME restaurant
Zero gravity experience
Learn how to fly a plane
Go outdoors more

Anything else you feel is important.

  • Do you ever think of global warming? – What will you do if the UK become flooded or there is a severe climate change
  • 50 percent of our time is spent on maintenance – That’s time spent sleep, working out and getting ready for the day.
  • Don’t forget how you feel in a situation. Don’t forget to put yourself first.
  • Despite being a man of the match, it doesn’t matter, as long as the team wins – a lot of us want to shine and do a job but we often forget that doesn’t matter if your team doesn’t win.

  • Be careful of the energy you put out
  • Do not walk signs – We automatically look at labels and perceive it in a way that may be wrong, does a do not walk sign mean run.

  • If you can show someone there is an alternative route than things become possible.