Anton richardson September

September: Learning from old mistakes

What comes to mind when you reflect on the last 30 days?

The importance of learning from your past mistakes, and how if you don’t learn from these mistakes they will only reoccur until you learn from it.

You’ve probably heard someone questions a person behaviour and relating it to insanity, the very definition of “insanity” is completing an action over and over again and getting the same results although you are seeking a different one.

But how do you avoid the reoccurrence of the same results? One key is being able to accept responsibility, reflecting on your behaviour, and using this level of awareness to identify the fault at hand.

What have you struggled with?

Dealing with the feelings of guilt, recently I have hurt someone and in hindsight, it could have been avoided. If only I actually chose to learn from my previous mistakes.

I’ve been here before and it stems from my encounters of “friends with benefits“, interestingly each time I have taken time out of the game to learn and reflect, but also telling myself to never do again.
However, over time I find myself in that all too sticky situation, regardless if I make my intention uber clear at the beginning, the result is still the same – INSANITY

My first question for myself this time is why do I keep returning back to these types of relationships, and I discovered it stems from a place of loneliness. In this place, I will take short cuts to my journey of finding wifey and allow myself to compromise on standards or true connections for a superficial companionship which I already know will not evolve into more.

Nonetheless, when faced with tears of hurt it doesn’t stop that inner frustration from building and screaming “Ha Ha, You F**k** up Again”

Stupidly I’ve felt that you could apply logic to a relationship and how stating/communicating your intentions from the get-go will result in everything being OK.
Yet emotions operation irrationally, they can’t be managed or contained into a box no matter how hard you try. This I believe is due to the battle between our hearts and minds, of which any rational thoughts will be overridden by our emotional heart.

Admittedly I’m not saying I won’t make the same mistake again as I feel like sometimes you have to learn the hard way.  But there are some positives that have come out of this, I found myself communicating my thoughts, being open and genuine throughout and discovered that communication is very important but it’s your actions that speak volumes.

What have you achieved?

Continuing from the previous month a lot of focus has been on Tag Me In Podcast and doing recordings to cover us up until November.

I spent the remaining part of the month focusing on Eco-Friendly Direct, another project to add to the ever-growing list. I will eventually complain about having too many plates spinning but I feel you have to try.
With people becoming more conscious about the environment I want to capitalise on this, and as a result I have been spending time building the Eco-Friendly Direct Website and also creating the necessary social media accounts; these will be used to put out content in the hope to drive further traffic and sales, at current sales have been achieve naturally via eBay.

What are you working on right now?

Right now I have just been doing regular daily checks on all projects, so usually spending 30 to an hour going through analytics like Google Analytics to identify where source traffic is originating from, or scheduling social media post or resharing popular pages.

As always I’ve been working on developing good habits, and this has seen the reintroduction of listening to a podcast each day. Aiming for this will bring new insights on a daily basis, and it’s through listening to podcasts I have recently discovered other forms of medication in particular Vedic meditation, which has led me to learn and explore the practice.

How do you feel physically and mentally?

For the first time in a while, I saw my mood drop below a 7 out of 10, and this is simply because I’m a soul who doesn’t like to hurt people, and it takes a while to shift the feeling. However, time is the best way to overcome these moments, time to process, time to reflect and identify the moments’ things went wrong and what could have been done to avoid the situation.
Although a taxing time mentally, it contributes to my growth and I feel like this whole experience has meant I have levelled up.

In this month I have swapped villa life in Bali to sleeping in a campervan in Australia, the campervan life is fun but I have managed to catch a cold which is probably a result of cold nights in the camper. I’ve also have put more pressure on my shoulder simply by sleeping on one side, so it is a little bit sore.

What are your future goals?

To have successfully made a trade in stocks, through using stock screeners and technical analysis
Spend time once a week learning and researching about property either through Rightmove or property geek
Continuation of babypips, to spend time every week completing a course
Build the website site and push ads campaigns – on a dedicated day
Use daily goal template to assist and continue to push out frequent content on BRG and NW
Actively spend time during the week stretching for 10 minutes
Improve and research meditation practices, focusing on Vedic meditation
Buy and send a postcard to family
To take advice from others and define friendship circle and programming it into the phone
Listen to at least 3 podcasts a week, especially listen when walking around or eating dinner
Spend time in the morning, read one chapter of a book
Spend time when bored to launch and practice duolingo
Update and share projects on platforms like LinkedIn
Migrate Tag Me In Podcast to different podcast host – to support Spotify
Implement changes to TMI
-Podcast Recording place
-Question of the day
-Interview question for guest – take away -recommend someone and best advice/book
-Whatsapp Intergation
Plan BME Collective and prep for social Enterprise
Plan and book the next stops of my trip – Australia and New Zealand

Anything else you feel is important.

  • Avoid saying you will never know
    – This sentence alone can open up hope in someone if anything you should act on the present and be final.
  • Never put down someone
    – No matter who or where you; remember you are no better than anyone else.
  • See people as people
    – Try and have a conversation with someone of where either persons don’t reveal who or what they do, explore each other and see if there is a natural vibe.