March: Time waits for no man

What comes to mind when you reflect on the last 30 days?

“That was a good Q1 Anton, now let’s build on this”
Funny enough sometimes I operation my life like a business, by asking questions like what are the goals for the year, have we been meeting those key performance indicator and are we achieving our targets.
This first quarter has been the best yet, mentally I knew I had to allow myself to readjust to a normal lifestyle since travelling.
I knew I had to take my time and approach my goals in a different way, I knew the aim of the game was to pace myself, listen to my intuition and say “NO” to incoming projects or work.
By taking control of my life I have been rewarded in many ways and learnt the importance of creating a healthy balanced lifestyle.


What have you achieved?

Not really an achievement but a realisation, I’ve recently made the switch to Evernote and have been taking regular notes throughout the day.
Whilst looking back on these notes I noticed these words appearing at least 3 times in the past month:-

  • Preparation – This realisation came whilst at an event hosted by Foundervine at Monzo, as teams, we had to pitch a Fin Tech idea in front of investors. This is when the preparation is important, knowing your numbers, the model is what makes the difference, and I personally witnessed this. The winning group idea and work started long before the event, it just needed a team around it.

  • Team – Continuing from the above point, having a squad, a team or even a network can make the difference.
    Collaboration with others can take you to the next stage.
    Identify peoples goals and gaining clarity is vital for teamwork, once everyone is onboard it can pave the way to a successful future.
  • Patience – Yes I wouldn’t mind all my dreams becoming my reality now, but there are lessons that need to be learnt before that stage.
    Personally, I hold onto the belief that things will eventually fall into place, and that’s the very reason I keep pushing on.
    By actively trying and doing it puts me in certain positions and opens up opportunities that may present themselves.

The remaining part of the month was my vacation, my chance to unwind and enjoy life for the now. Exploring countries and experience a new culture is something that I have fallen in love with.

On this trip, I was fortunate to be joined by friends as we road tripped from Los Angeles to San Francisco and then to Las Vegas. Very different from solo travelling, the reality of no longer being the captain of your own ship but having to decide as a group presented a different type of challenge.

Yet overall this trip there were unforgettable memories and strengthened existing relationships, they do say if you want to build friendship or relationship do experiences together.


What have you struggled with?

Creating time to relax, the saying “time waits for no man” hit me hard in the weeks leading up trip away, in my quest to grow and elevate I failed to structure days to rest at home.

Poor planning led to a sustained state of overwhelmedness, running from one event to another, late night podcast recordings, hosting events and a 72-hour Hackathorn was taking a toll on me mentally and physically.

Internally my body was screaming for sleep and rest, 4/5 hour sleep is enough to function but for a long period it has a knock-on impact, and the biggest impact is the loss of routine.
I found myself skipping out my golden key to energy and happiness – My morning routine. I found myself waking up 2 hours later than usual and felt the need to kick start the day straight away rather than doing me.

Awareness is always important, and this is a situation that can be avoided if I make a pledge to myself, my current pledge is to minimise or limit the events I attend on the first 2 days of the week or make a commitment to leave early to ensure I am recovering.

What are you working on right now?

I’ve been tapping into the question of “Who is Anton Richardson?“, if I stood as a brand what would I be known for and what can I offer to others.

There is nothing I want to see is people elevate, push on and have the belief that they can achieve anything.

With my brothers in mind, this message speaks to me:-

“I help black British professionals to ask the right questions and level themselves up by sharing my new discoveries and showing the importance of listening and asking questions in the hope it instils the belief that we all can win.”


How do you feel physically and mentally?

Approaching the end of the Q1 there is a strong sense of belief, I feel that the time I took to realign myself was necessary for the next quarter.

Everything stems from your mental position.

If you are mentally fresh and ready you can seize the day, this past month was a challenging one and had a knock-on impact on other aspects especially physically.
Despite knowing the benefits of physical exercise, I fail to make it a priority especially when running around and as a result, I miss out on the free feel-good hormones that are released which contributes to my mental wellbeing.

What were the goals?

Diversify stocks
I have made £4000 a month from FBA, Affiliate, dropshipping and stocks
Put money aside for property
Build personal branding
Implement Flexibility lifestyle
I have made 10 sales on eco-friendly direct by partnering up with my business partner
To experience Sensory Tank
Follow thought leaders
Start kick Boxing with my brother
New networking event a week
Daily Quote of the day
Get Headshot done
Complete Ep100 including social media, episode and event
Contact top followers and listeners for feedback
I have built a small team for TMI – graphics, social media, editing, video, photography
LA to Vegas
Drive bmw i8

Anything else you feel is important.

  • Pay for the stuff you need – For the longest time I’ve been team “freemium” but there have been some apps I have upgraded to the premium version of
    • Evernote – used to capture notes and can be accessed from all devices
    • Later – used to schedule Tag Me In Podcast social media posts
  • “It’s not about you it’s about your family” – I’ve become truly geared towards building generational wealth for my family and leaving a legacy for the future generations
  • Build a team – When I look at anything successful there is a team, you can have one man who is the “talent” but there will be people around him. You can have a star player in your team but to win you have to function as a team.
  • “You never stop learning about yourself” – Everyday presents an opportunity to learn something new about yourself
  • “Doing My Best Today” – This is an affirmation I’ve been telling myself, today is the present and I set out to be the best me I can be.
  • When we say “Yes” to something we don’t want, we end up saying “No” to ourselves.