January: New Year, New Me Seriously

What comes to mind when you reflect on the last 30 days?

Happy new year people.

Now I’m not a person who jumps on the new year new me vibe, but this year is different. Reflecting on the year, this time last year I was enjoying my sabbatical making money buying and selling.
In 2019 I find myself back at work and thinking about the next steps, however, I’ve discovered and learnt a lot in the past 12 months, and the timing of my return has coincided with a new year.

What have you achieved?

I have put in a system/schedule which I review stocks on a weekly basis, this allows me to review current stocks I own and also look at potential future trades.

Understanding money comes and go and I spent time completing my tax return for the previous year, and it was fascinating to see I had a “money leak” whilst travelling. I was spending around £120 a month on unutilised assets. This visibility on reflection has led me to start reviewing my accounts on a monthly basis as opposed to the last few days of my tax year.

I’ve also dedicated myself to create a space in my day of which I do nothing, absolutely nothing, it is based on meditation just giving myself a time to calm down and take a step back from the day.


What have you struggled with?

My environment is everything, when I’m in the right space I can focus and as a result, can find my flow. What I have struggled with since being back is a lack of space, which I found insightful as for 9 months I wasn’t in my own space and travelling with a backpack. I feel the difference is when it’s time to get your head down and do work I need to be in a comfortable environment.

Another struggle is finding a fitness class, there are classes of interest however they happen at times of the day when I’m already in full swing. The one class I did manage to attend was slap bang at 3 pm on a Saturday and to my luck, the instructor wasn’t able to make it due to an emergency.

What are you working on right now?

Nothing in particular but I’m evaluating a lot of my work effort and seeing where can I apply the 80/20 rule. This is a key rule to apply in life because it’s about the key 20% in life that will get you the 80% of your results.

I’ve been a workaholic, sometimes working or creating the work thinking it taking me closer to my goal or destination, not realising it’s actually unproductive and in the long run a waste of time.

I’m conscious to not make these mistakes over and over again because that is what we call insanity.

How do you feel physically and mentally?

The cold weather makes it difficult to get up and go, the number of times I’ve been telling myself to put my trainers and go for a run to then find myself staying in the warmth.

I have been researching more on foods, my recent discovery was the importance of eating fruit and vegetable that is in season, the argument is they are in season for a reason and haven’t been modified to be in season all year round.

What are your future goals?

I need to commit every Monday Morning to reviewing stocks and selecting a trade (2 Hrs)
I have made £800 a month from FBA, Affiliate,dropshipping and stocks
Put Business money into account
Prepare and book exams for Linux+ and CISA
I am learning how to maximise traffic and page views
I have made 10 sales on eco friendly direct
I have set up my fiverr profile
To make the commitment of doing Kick Boxing Or Muay Thai
To make the commitment of doing gymnastics
I have been to the doctors about my knee
I have completed 25 wim hof push ups
I can do 10 pull ups unassisted
To eat in season fruit and veg
I have taken 8 minutes out of the daily to do nothing
I have had a social catchup with Nick
I have had a social catchup with Dom
I have had a social catchup with Joyann
I have completed the 4 agreements
I have spent time once a week completing Blinkst
I have ran one BME event this month, and have planned events for the first 3 months
I have engaged with freelancers about the TMI best of album – promo for March Rebrand
I have found options to secure TMI Grant funding
I have built a small team for TMI – graphics, social media, editing, video, phtography
To have Booked flying


Anything else you feel is important.

  • As long as you keep shooting – 1 will go in
    This has been one of my mantra’s without even knowing it, it’s good to shoot with the hope that one will go in but it is also important to know when to stop shooting and change your boots or even the ball.
  • Focus on improving our brain, body and brand
    We often take what we have for granted, we become fixated on the big dreams but we forget the most important aspect our health from a mental and physical point but also how we treat others along the way
  • Let a person character be their currency
    This has been an important lesson to me, understand that we are all different and it’s not what people say but their character that should be seen. Don’t let someone merits amaze you but their character.