February 2018: Evolve or Be Extinct

February 2018: Evolve or Be Extinct

If I was to summarise the month of February then these words would sum it up perfectly -“Evolve or Be Extinct”

There are 7.8 billion people on earth, and we all have unique qualities and features which makes us who we are.

Gifted with our uniqueness it is up to us to work, refine and evolve these gifts. Simple progression actions on a daily basis can aid our evolution in life.

Technology has enabled us to grow at faster rates with information being at our fingertips.

Want to know how to lose weight… we google it.

Even Google statistic shows that “how” was asked more than any other question.

But we often take the “how” answer and never think “why?” – Not every piece of information is for us and meant for us.
Google may have returned the answer that eating 2000 calories a day will aid you to lose weight, but why is it that number?

It is natural to take the first answer, but try to go one step further as it could present deeper understanding and yet allow you to optimise your desired result.


What comes to mind when you reflect on the last 30 days?

The thought that comes to mind is gratitude, recently I turned to 27 and I was extremely thankful and blessed to see myself entering this new level in life.

I see birthdays as level ups and upgrades

So I turned 27 and for some reason, I started to think about what life would be like in my 30’s, will I be single? married? kids? Financially free? running my own business? owning a property? living in a different country?

The joke is I laugh now but I actually had to tell myself this “these answers will be answered when the time is right! “we can’t control all our feelings but we can change our actions.

What have you achieved?

  • Building and reinforcing friendships – in the quest of striving to better I often went a place I call “tunnel vision” and as a result neglected friendship. Awareness of this has prompt a change, I now make simple commitments like reaching out on a regular basis to arrange catchups. The social pillar is often the first to be compromised when in the zone but the rewards of maintaining is a beautiful thing – just think of those memories, laughs and sore cheeks.
  • Booked travelling – I’ve finally booked my outward flight (Bangkok – 20th March) to start my next adventure if you know me personally you would have been frustrated listening to me over the past 3 months talking about travelling….but I’ve finally done it.
  • Acceptance of other people’s opinions and views – it’s more an achieved from an internal dialogue perspective. I’ve come to a place where I value “uniqueness” and understand it stems from our difference in opinions.
    So when in conversation with people who have different opinion my inner voice says “Anton it’s ok,  yes that doesn’t make sense to you but it makes sense to them”
  • Courage to express yourself – On one of Tag Me In Podcast episodes, we touched on the regrets of the dying. I have had many encounters where I have reflected on a moment where I wished I acted and this episode echoed the importance of acting on your courage.

What have you struggled with?

  • Taking L’s from the stock market and the cryptocurrency market (although this doesn’t surprise me) but with all losses it good to reflect on what is happening in the market.

    Ask why the market is changing, and how to detect it in the future?

    I’ve been using tradebench to plan my trade and journal my trades, document why I got in, how long I will stay in the trade for and where to place my sell stops.

  • Planning my travelling this has been a challenge for me just the act of deciding where to fly to and when to go has been a challenge -it took two days of processing and a whiteboard to plan out the route – the hardest part was deciding did I want to start in Bangkok or Phuket

What are you working on right now?

  • Retail Arbitrage – As this is my main income source whilst on my sabbatical, I have been trying to build upon my current product line.
    • Using my current method of sourcing products I have found some new products that produce healthy returns.
    • I have also been trialling sourcing software to support the growth of the business, and find smarter and better ways to find products. There is no denying these software (FBAWizard and TacticalArbitrage) are powerful and can help find products with ease, the drawback, in my opinion, is that it is accessible to everyone meaning competitive but you still can make a £150 profit in a day.
    • Reviewing these sourcing software has made me question my own methods and how I can improve.
  • Working Smarter – Time doesn’t wait for anyone so organisation and discipline are important, I recently came across this article which has provided some structure to my projects – so now each project has a day dedicated to it.

What are your future goals?

Investigate other investment opportunities
To continue learning Forex using babypips
Review Trade system podcast
Implement lessons learnt from review sourcing software
Book a sport massage
Learn and use breathing Priming
Ask close friends about how they would describe themselves
Create a passion brainstorm
Reach out to bloggers for Tag Me In Podcast
Update Tag Me In Podcast website including SSL certificate
Prepare for my trip

How do you feel physically and mentally?

Being back in London I have been processing the difference in environments, and how they have had an influenced me in.

One of the biggest differences I can say about London when compared to Bristol is the energy, maybe born out of the rat race. In London, you come across more individuals striving to make a difference, which as a result makes you push on and want more.

However, this isn’t necessarily a good thing Bristol does have a more relaxed feel which was ideal for me when I first moved there. It was the perfect place for me to build my own foundation and navigate the challenges of adult life.

When it comes to physically my muscle ache and is screaming out for a sports massage and a steam room, this is probably because I have started incorporating cardio back into my routine.

Since moving back I haven’t committed to swimming or football so I have been doing cardio in the gym and have been playing around with high-intensity interval training plans on different machine (treadmill, rowing, step machine)

Anything else you feel is important.

  • Always get someone else with the expertise to verify – earlier this month I viewed a car which on the surface looked fine but after I got a mechanic to look at the vehicle they identified a clutch issue which could of been an expensive fix.
  • Roll onto your back when swimming – As someone who isn’t confident at swimming, I recently learnt that rolling onto your back allows you to catch a breathe especially if you haven’t mastered your breathing technique whilst swimming.
  • No man is perfect
  • You’re one book away from a breakthrough
  • Tweets with videos are six times more likely to be retweeted than tweets with photos
  • Listening to others is an important skill, but also empowering others to resolve their own problems
  • Home-owning neighbours can be wonderful, too, creating community. But the real value isn’t the investment, it’s the roof over your head, the satisfaction it brings and the memories it creates.

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