December: Trusting your intuition

What comes to mind when you reflect on the last 30 days?

Believe me, everything I do takes me one step closer to my dreams. My feeling of time is a fascinating one I love and hate it at the same time, I understand how valuable it is, how we don’t get time back and this sometimes prompts some anxious moments.

But on the other hand, time is on my side.


What I’ve started to implement in my life is trusting my intuition, and reinstating that inner belief because deep down I know what you need to do.


What have you achieved?

Transitioning into a routine, as we all know I’m a lover of structure and this extends to waking up early and seizing the morning and being productive.

Returning back to the world has made me start restructuring my finances and thinking about future financial goals. Travelling took about £10k out of my account, now it feels like its time to make that back.
This has actually prompted me to sort out some of my current accounts and placing new trades in the stock market, I’m trying to focus my energy and focus on stuff I have a history of doing well in.

What have you struggled with?

Those boring mundane tasks – they have been forever lurking on my to do list and I often struggle to find the motivation to do it. I’m sure I am not the only one, and I guess the answer is “just do it”, get it over with and move on.

Another struggle is Tag Me In Podcast, I have a vision for where it could go but the issue is execution and knowing where to start, at times I wish I had a team to bounce ideas off.

What are you working on right now?

As mentioned above this month is all about refining my current goals and building out my future plans and vision, this includes physical aims, mental aims and financial aims.

Goals are never final, and they have been created very loosely without no hard press time frame, I’m allowing myself to reground myself and then build it out of that.

How do you feel physically and mentally?

Mentally I have been finding myself thinking about this transitional zone I am in, this has been the month I return back to work. The loss of freedom in the sense of being fixed to a time period, I remember entering the office on my return and was thinking “here we go again”. The wall looked sterile white, along with the bright hospital lights, it lacked the atmosphere of a sunny island filled with smiley faces.
What’s beautiful about this whole experience is it’s given me a different perspective of life and the life we choose to live.

From this birthed a new type of flexible lifestyle.

Physically I haven’t committed myself to a consistent workout regimen, as I work out I’m trying to listen to my body, if my muscles ache from the previous day workout then I will change my workout.


What are your future goals?

I need to commit every Monday Morning to reviewing stocks and selecting a trade (2 Hrs)
I need to commit £800 to my saving every pay cheque via a bank transfer to halifax – Resolve OTP on Santander
I am spending saturday’s in a specific retail area to discover new items – You are haggle on prices with .97/98 and stating if you buy in bulk can they offer discount
I am learning how to maximise traffic and page views
I need to build an efficient system for Amazon FBA, this will improve the product selection and distribution
I have mapped out the next steps in my career and have developed my own PDP for work
I am working out everyday at home in the morning, with focus on pushups, pull ups and stretching
I am having my last meal at 5pm and eating the next day at 6am
I am waking up in the morning and watching manifestation videos and visioning the life I have/almost have
I am connecting more with my breathe, and doing deep breathwork and doing wim hof exercises everymorning
I Have committed to my schedule of meeting friends and family
I have completed 4 hour work week, and have moved to my next book 4 agreements
I have been listening to Blinkst in the evenings after dinner and taking notes
I have ran one BME event this month, and have planned events for the first 3 months
I have planned and created social media templates and calendar for TMI
I have engaged with freelancers about the TMI best of album – promo for March Rebrand
I have found options to secure TMI Grant funding
I have attended the trampolining group event
Extended and booked BMW i8 experience
To have planned out the 1 Year plan

Anything else you feel is important.

  • Use a 0% credit to pay off house refurbishment
    If your plan is an investment property of which you plan to flip in less than 12 months, you may want to consider using a 0% credit to pay off your refurbishment. It’s a message mentioned numerous of time about using someone else’s money to advance your development or investment.