April: Be the captain of your ship

April: Be the captain of your own ship

What comes to mind when you reflect on the last 30 days?

Throughout the past 30 days, there have been moments where “Be the captain of my own ship” has echoed in my head.

We are often faced with moments where we have to take control of our own vessels and take it in the direction we need to take it in.

But balance is necessary…

I have always prided myself on my independence, nonetheless, allowing your boat to sail off every now and again can unravel some extraordinary gems and discoveries.

The two letters NO is one of the hardest things to say in life. For me personally, I’m afraid to say NO due to fear of missing out on an amazing opportunity.

There is always a challenge when you have to reign in your vessel and steer it into a different direction from everyone else, likened to a boat you will have to overcome difficult waves and go on a trail less travelled because it is your adventure and your life to create those experiences.

The beautiful thing about leading your own ship is it has the potential to bring other people on-board, however, this does come with some responsibilities.
When people come on board with your plans they look up to you for direction, you will have to lead the pack and one thing I avoided to embrace as a characteristic is “Leadership”.

Notice how leadership hasn’t been listed on my characteristic board

characteristic board

The word “Leadership” has been mentioned to me a few times previously, even written down as part of a growth hack assessment and mentioned multiple times on this trip.
Perhaps because it is coming from people that I have no connections with it has hit me harder, and perhaps its time to harness the gift and use this strength.

What have you achieved?

In all honesty this has got to be my most unproductive month of 2018; literally, F*** all has been achieved on my to-do list for April.

To continue learning Forex using babypips
Review Trade system podcast
Review Buying and Selling
Promote and push BRG and Nw
Stretch 3 times a week
Physical exercise 2 days a week
Inform doctors of vaccinations
Meditate daily and visualise
Message friends weekly
Message/Speak to the family once a week
Complete a book a month
Listen to Blinkist once a week
Start to learn a new language – Daily Duolingo
Review Guest Bloggers
Review Podcast Guests
Prep Podcast Episodes

When you pair this with traveling and the experiences I have had it is understandable, we live in a world with so much beauty.
Sight is a gift and my two eyes have been blessed with some amazing and breath-taking places/landmarks.
Previously I trained myself to be in the present moment and commit the image to my brain, whilst other people were snapping their pictures I would just blink my eyes. Literally, Blink!

But, there’s only so much one can commit to the brain and just like that, I made a switch and was taking photos.

Here is one of my favourite photo from April taken using the Camera App – VSCO

krabi april sunset


What I find fascinating about this is how quick my views can change along with how self-talk can sometimes hold you back from change.

Battle with Social Media
This month saw me overcoming an internal battle which was using social media, for 5 years I was against social media due to the way I used it in the past. I was using it as a way to show people ‘Hey, Look at me, this is what I am doing‘ and seeking some type of validation

Fortunately enough I caught myself in the act and stopped using Instagram, but social media has become a norm in today’s society.
Despite this, my views were so strong I even wrote a lengthy blog article on the use of it and link to narcissist behaviour.

Technology advances have changed the way we interact, communicate and see each other, and if you don’t evolve you will be extinct.
So if I chose to be an outsider and not adapt with time I will be an outliner which is absolutely fine as well, however, I’m aware of the influence I could potentially have on people.
I understand how there is a need to break the “status quo“, how one person can enable others to see and do things they never thought was possible, and that’s the power of social media knowing which impact you can have on others.


What have you struggled with?

A few of my friends have asked me this very question – “Are you missing anything from home?”, my answer is “My Own Space”.

A conflictual thing about me is I can be an Extrovert along as an Introvert, and there are times were the introvert within me screams to be alone and that is difficult whilst travelling.

I have always loved my own space; I can easily spend days and weeks alone in my own space. I miss the days of being stuck in my room along with my whiteboard plotting my next moves, implementing changes on my website, brainstorming ideas or just watching movies.

What are you working on right now?

Trying to restore some balance in my life, a small amount of work has been completed, and my goal list has been deferred to the next month.

To avoid it happening again I have been trying to create a space for myself to be productive and do things, meaning waking up slightly earlier than everyone else just to do an 1/2 hours of work.

What are your future goals?

To continue learning Forex using babypips.com
Complete website for The BME Collective
Review Trade system podcast
Review Buying and Selling
Promote and push Best Revision Guide and Notesworthy websites
Stretch 3 times a week
Physical exercise 2 days a week
Inform doctors of vaccinations
Meditate daily and visualise
Complete a book a month – Bricking It
Listen to Blinkist once a week
Start to learn a new language – Daily Duolingo
Review Guest Bloggers for Tag Me In Podcast
Review Podcast Guests for Tag Me In Podcast
Prep Podcast Episodes for Tag Me In Podcast

How do you feel physically and mentally?

I miss the gym and the physicality of lifting weights; it’s interesting because I never thought I would miss the gym so much. Gym over time has become an outlet, a way to get those happy chemical pumping, a space I can process the day and what needs to be achieved with a sprinkle of creative thoughts.

With this awareness, I have tried to go the gym at least once a week, but even this commitment has become difficult because in the last 30 days of April I have been to the gym only twice.

Mentally I have been thinking about the future, taking a year out has been one of the big goals in my life and now it has been achieved there is a void.
What is the next challenge? what is the next goal? What’s another life goal? But I’m not rushing these thoughts and letting it naturally fall into place.

Anything else you feel is important.

  • How are you today? – Naturally, when I see someone I say “You alright/You good?” but because it is a common phrase a generic response is given.
    How are you today? Breaks out of that pattern and forces people to respond with something that is not a default response.
  • Mosquito bite? Press a hot spoon (e.g. the one you stirred your coffee with) onto the spot. The heat will destroy the protein that caused the reaction and the itching will stop.
  • The best trait of something can also be its worse trait – For example, a country with hot weather all year round can suffer from drought due to the lack of rain.