April: A Conversation with self

April: A Conversation with self

What comes to mind when you reflect on the last 30 days?


The pain of reality can hurt, I will be the first to admit there are times where I beat myself up because I’m not where I want to be.

Hands up if your worst critic is yourself?

Mine can be loud as ****, it’s not often it wins in the battle but this month I think it won… But it was only for a day.

I remember waking up and the internal voice was “Oh boy, what’s the point, we ain’t got the energy today, You’ve tried but we ain’t getting results

There’s more in you

Often I feel I could be doing more, and I do limit myself. I have sabotaged potential opportunities based on the thoughts in my mind.

Now, these thoughts have a name they are called “FEAR” (False Evidence Appearing Real).

Repair the ship

So what do you do when you are out in the sea and have spent the day just drifting, if you are similar to me you’ll end up educating yourself, evaluating where you are and thinking about what are the next steps.

Sometimes you need to shut up shop and focus on the one thing!


What have you achieved?

Give me the microphone let me spray them


I was fortunate enough to be invited along to a panel discussion on personal development at Obsidian Network Flagship event “Invest in You”

It was an amazing experience, to be in a room filled with young black males and sharing my own personal journey and shining the light on the importance of investing in yourself first.






In April I also attended Afro Tech Fest, a festival which brought together black people of African and Caribbean heritage who are in tech or interested in tech.


A refreshing experience to hear other people in technology speak and share their own personal stories within the industry.

I even took the opportunity to showcase myself and Tag Me In Podcast again putting myself into situations that scare me, because that is the only way I will challenge and change.


Building Blocks

I’ve been educating myself on properties, an area that I have been aware of but the interest has been sporadic but this time I want to take action.

Samuel Leeds has been my main source of information, from his Youtube Channel to reading his books.

Education is very similar to the build of an actual building, you have to start with the basic aka the foundations, and then add new material like the brick blocks.



What have you struggled with?


Balancing this Dating world

Entering the dating world has had me feeling like a wobbly knee toddler, from having a feeling of we got this to whoops I don’t think I quite have this thing.

The biggest adjustment is letting go especially since it’s been 2 years of doing me, whilst dating you are required to make things work, which requires compromises like time, energy or putting the effort in to understand where a person is coming from.

A very different place to when it is Me, Myself and I



What are you working on right now?

Knowledge is power

Financial Education has been a big topic on my mind, a lot of events attended or books read have been centred around finances.


The knowledge I thought I possessed was only touching the surface out there, which is necessary on my quest of building a legacy for my family.


Start with your why?

Another area I have been “trying”, and the focus word should be “try” is my personal brand.

But what is the personal brand, the question to this is asking where do you see your value, what is it you offer?

A deep question that will take you on a journey, a book worth mentioning is Start With Your Why by Simon Sinek.



How do you feel physically and mentally?



Three words that pained me on the day I wasn’t 100% was:-

  • Love
  • Value
  • Team

I could watch a youtube video and if I saw a team, I would be triggered! If I saw someone showing value… Triggered

What did these people have that I haven’t yet mastered – “The One Thing“. I’ve heard it multiple times the importance of focusing on One Thing but what do you when you don’t know what it could be.

Try Everything, Until one fits.

Physically I have started to see bodily change, which comes from eating better but being consistent with my home workout. You can actually find me out in my garden since we have sunnier days doing compound workouts.



What are your future goals?


Do better! Make passive
Diversify stocks
Research property and finalise MIP
Build personal branding
Do a martial arts
To experience Sensory Tank
Follow thought leaders
Start kick Boxing with Brother
Personal Brand is a must
Daily Quote of the day
Get Headshot done
POC meet
Complete Ep100 including social media, episode and event
Contact top followers and listeners for feedback
I have built a small team for TMI – graphics, social media, editing, video, photography
start insta life

Anything else you feel is important.

  • “Is it worth viewing if I was to put an offer below market value” – Determining if it is worth actually going to a viewing if they are fixed on the guide price.
  • I’m actively avoiding saying “One Day” because it doesn’t even exist in the calendar – “Let’s catch up one day” sometime may never happen unless you state a date/day.
  • This tweet alone made me evaluate my connections