Anton Richardson entrepreneur

Who is Anton Richardson?

I often find myself embarking on new adventures. Why? Because the journey is what creates us.
"Only Regret the things you don't do"
The experience and knowledge gained has enabled me to be an individual who combines those aspects to look to the future.
With a strong technology background, my visions and ideas incorporate the digital world.
Evaluating ways it can assist individuals and myself.
I am a dreamer, thinker but also an avid learner, with these qualities I am looking at new opportunities and ventures.
At present, I am running a purchasing and selling business, online education platorm, a podcast channel, and leading collaborative projects.

"The Core Values"

Bringing like-minded people to a single place is my aim, I have created several of working streams to allow people to create and collaborate ideas.

Ranging from Mastermind groups which allow individuals to share their highs and lows to co-working session allows individuals to work without the feeling of isolation.

Going beyond surface connection enables better relationship and in result better results.



Anton Richardson co working

Create your own definitions

Creativity is whatever you want it to be, and does not mean an artist or a painter.

An entrepreneur is a creative individual.

“You have to have both drive and ambition to succeed”



Anton Richardson entrepreneur

The Next Steps

The future aim is to inspire the younger generation through various mediums like youth work.
To help young children take control and identify their inner strength which will help forge their path and journey.
To give them a belief that differs from the legacy system approach to life.
"You can achieve anything" -Anton Richardson
Anton Richardson inspiration

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